How Your Funds are Used

When you fundraise for City of Hope, you are doing more than saving lives - you are helping to transform the way we fight cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS. You are enabling us to bring better, smarter and more innovative technologies and treatments to our patients each and every day. We couldn't do it without you!

When you create your own online fundraising webpage, you get the option to fundraise for what you are most passionate about. You will have the option to choose from the following areas:

We will direct the funds you raise to the area you choose. When you raise funds through ourHope, you support research, treatment and education dedicated to making sure women, men and children all over the world live longer, better lives. Thank you for all that you do.


Are you Ready to Find a Cure?

Great! Get started now. Got a specific fundraiser in mind? Running a marathon, honoring a loved one, forgoing gifts on your birthday? It's all here. Select an option below and click "Next Step" to create your fundraiser.


Want to add more meaning to this year's festivities? Pledge your birthday to find a cure. Instead of gifts, ask friends and family to donate to your fundraising page.


Training for an endurance event or climbing Kilimanjaro? Dedicate your next athletic endeavor to City of Hope, and help fund a cure.


Have you lost a loved one to illness? Honor their memory and help City of Hope discover a cure.


Want to pay it forward? Give back to your doctor at
City of Hope and create a page to fund his or her lifesaving research and treatments.


Celebrating a major milestone? Create a fundraiser for your survival anniversary, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or other major life event.


Have your own idea for a fundraiser? Choose your own adventure, and let your imagination run wild.

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